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UniWorld Technologies – is one of the leading dealers of APC UPS and Batteries. We are engaged in power management products and services. UniWorld Technologies have many nearly all the model of APC UPS that provide customer-driven Power Chain Management solutions to serve the power system needs of the industrial / Residential Purposes.

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UniWorld Technologies Services

Today, UPS is mostly used to protect data computers, electrical equipment’s etc. Are you looking for UPS vendor? UniWorld Technologies has continuously grown UPSs and batteries. Power Solution Services is based on the UPS and Battery Sales & Services.

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We handle APC sales, Installation, APC service, Annual Maintenance contract (AMC), APC UPS battery replacement. APC UPSs are well designed and price worthy products.


Safe design for your expensive, sensitive home aplliances. Thanks to pure sine wave technology.


Backup run time (from minutes to hours) for Fans, lights, LED / LED TV, Home theatres etc.


Advanced auto safety features such as power short-circuit protection and over-heating shut down.


Better battery life, thanks to its multiple battery charging stages.


Aesthetic, eye-catching design.


Peace of mind with warranty on unit.

UniWorld Technologies Products

650VA Back UPS
Model BK650I

1000VA Back UPS
Model BR1000

750VA Smart UPS
Model SUA750I

5000VA Smart-UPS

1000VA Smart-UPS Online
Model SURT1000XLI

3KVA Smart-UPS Online
Model SURT3000XLI

10KVA Smart-UPS Online
Model SURT10000XLI

1500VA Back UPS
Model BR1500 – IN